Load Calculator Upgrades

This page is updated regularly with all significant changes, updates, upgrades, and bug fixes made to the Energy Design Systems’ Load Calculator program.

June 2022

  1. 27: Update account "Manage Subscriptions" page for users with multiple accounts.
  2. 27: Users with multiple accounts can now login as a sub-user.
  3. 27: Internal upgrades to assist with multi-user subscriptions
  4. 27: Regular bug fixes and improvements
  1. 6: Improvements for backend group account functionality including Stripe automation
  2. 6: Updated report labels for PDFs
  3. 6: Improvemed email validation for user experience
  4. 6: Navigation improvements
  5. 6: Backend enhancements for performance and functionality
  6. 6: Regular bug fixes and improvements

April 2022

  1. 1: Improvements in site-wide descriptions for input fields
  2. 1: Regular bug fixes and improvements

December 2021

  1. 1: Referral reward program that offers discounts for new users and unlimited account credits for each successful customer referred
  2. 1: Existing users may generate a multi use referral URL, or send a personal email to peers
  3. 1: Enhanced primary and non primary user restrictions for account and data security
  4. 1: Adds additional admin features to enhance our ability to provide exceptional service
  5. 1: Improved 404 and error pages
  6. 1: Regular bug fixes and improvements

November 2021

  1. 4: Primary account users can now cancel subscriptions without EDS assistance
  2. 4: Ability to change account email with added OTP security
  3. 4: SHGF and other verbiage updates to comply with industry standards
  4. 4: Duke Energy Certification added
  5. 4: Improved 404 and error pages
  6. 4: Regular bug fixes and improvements

October 2021

  1. 15: Square footage result presents options in event of data variance
  2. 15: Regular bug fixes and improvements

September 2021

  1. 30: Additional PDF report features
  2. 30: Report literature updated
  3. 30: Increase reliability of third party parcel data
  4. 30: Updated SHR notes
  5. 30: Ability to update and display Summer Wet Bulb Temperature
  6. 30: Overhauled responsive design for mobile and tablet
  7. 30: Regular bug fixes and improvements

August 2021

  1. 31: Change operating load legend sizing for clarity
  2. 31: Add itemized subscription breakdown on User Edit for easily accessible information
  3. 31: Add loading overlay for load calculator when calculations are being made
  4. 31: Adjusts position of login/register default text for ease-of-use
  5. 31: Add Mobile-Phone field to register/user account in addition to Office-Phone for enhanced functionality and customer service
  6. 31: Regular bug fixes and improvements

May 2021

  1. 17: Upgrade the PDF to clarify and direct focus to the important data
  2. 17: Make the load calculation page more mobile-friendly
  3. 17: Add buttons to previous loads to let the user download old reports without recreating loads
  4. 17: Add text-message reset password mechanism
  5. 17: Regular bug fixes and improvements

April 2021

  1. 5: Improve registration flow to reduce potential errors
  2. 5: Improve initial data to make defaults more accurate
  3. 3: Add ability to email report directly from the Load Calculator
  4. 3: Simplify language to more accurately reflect
  5. 3: Significant PDF report simplifications to make results clearer
  6. 3: Introduce new, more accurate formula to calculate the effect that the slab r-value has on the load
  7. 3: Regular bug fixes and improvements

March 2021

  1. 22: Simplify reactivation process for users whose accounts have expired
  2. 22: Keep better track of Canadian postal codes to make data entry easier for Canadian users
  3. 22: Track when users change the square footage of a house in the Load Calculator
  4. 22: Update Floor over Unconditioned Basement and Duct Adjustment default values to 5.0 and 10% respectively
  5. 22: Load Calculator screen and PDF styling improvements
  6. 22: Log when our property data vendors don't return any data
  7. 22: Split this upgrades page into two pages, one for Auditor and one for Load Calculator
  8. 22: Give affiliation admins more control over how they search for users and the loads they're running
  9. 12: Give some affiliated users a one-time login link so they can set their own passwords
  10. 9: Switch to brand new data providers for property data for increased accuracy and reliability
  11. 2: Allow users to kick out other devices on their account without resetting their password
  12. 2: Permanently resolve the unfound zip code bug by using the nearest numerical zip code

February 2021

  1. 17: Use "Proposal" instead of "Audit" and standardize language through the site
  2. 8: Add more live calculated data to the data input screen
  3. 8: Ignore extra spaces in login emails so the device adding an extra space doesn't restrict login
  4. 8: Refine PDF content
  5. 8: Add more help tooltips to improve user experience
  6. 8: Better tracking so tech support can assist users painlessly
  7. 8: Calculation improvements
  8. 5: Allow new affiliated users to select their affiliation representative on registration
  9. 3: Regular minor updates and bug fixes
  10. 3: Ability to filter saved loads
  11. 3: Open the tool up to Canadian users

January 2021

  1. 28: Introduce the homeowner report, a load calculator report designed specifically for selling to customers
  2. 28: Give our affiliates the ability to manage pending users under their supervision
  3. 28: Create a friendlier and more welcoming welcome email
  4. 28: Smooth out and optimize the registration process

September 2020

  1. 9: Make registration easier

August 2020

  1. 25: Standardized defaults in Load Calculator and Auditor
  2. 25: Send administrators of affiliations emails when someone signs up under them
  3. 25: Ability to pick up where you previously left off in registration
  4. 25: Make registration smoother for our new affiliated users
  5. 25: Add easy reporting and exporting about the loads and audits run by users

June 2020

  1. 24: Settled on a simple, friendly, welcoming, signup email
  2. 24: Fix mild inconsistencies with Auditor cost calculations
  3. 12: Added capability to handle negative average outside winter temps
  4. 6: Remove extra page in login/registration workflow from eds.tech
  5. 6: Add consumer alerts to remind users about the meaning of AED graphs
  6. 5: Created button to make starting new loads easier
  7. 5: Allow TEC users to register themselves
  8. 5: New landing page for HVAC 2.0
  9. 5: New landing pages for all of our other partners
  10. 5: Revised login, registration, forgot password, and heartbeat systems
  11. 5: Allow multiple registration in one page

May 2020

  1. 6: Critical bug fixes
  2. 6: Added several new zip codes to database

April 2020

  1. 21: Make more room in the Load Calculator to increase usability
  2. 20: Begun implementing a Stripe webhook that automatically updates customers’ payment statuses and the programs they have access to
  3. 20: Assign affiliated users to their respective programs

March 2020

  1. 18: Critical bug fixes

February 2020

  1. 6: Begun separating programs so customers get what they pay for
  2. 5: Critical bug fixes

January 2020

  1. 24: Load Calculator inputs divided into more understandable sections
  2. 10: Made field labels clearer
  3. 10: Revised position of graphs in Load Calculator for easy access
  4. 2: Solidify heartbeat system, allowing one user at a time